the worlds only mobile feminist nation




 The Ambulatory Free States of Obsidia is a tiny Matriarchal Micro-nation located at the confluence of feminism and geography. 

 Grand Marshal Yagjian founded Obsidia in 2015  with a great vision of a ideal Matriarchal state. Run collectively, Obsidia is a glorious country which seeks to promote egalitarian female leadership, art, and inter- disciplinary collaboration between women.

     Currently surrounded on all borders by Oakland, California, Obsidia has a completely open immigration policy which allows non-citizens to travel freely to any national territory. 

Due to size limitations and fragility humans can not physically enter the landmass, but instead are invited to visit the embassy, which can change locations at any time, ( hence "Ambulatory").

if you are interested in establishing a sattelitte embassy please contact Grand Marshal