the ambulatory free states of obsidia



OUR FLAG!                OUR LAND CLAIM!                OUR FOUNDER! 




The Ambulatory Free States of Obsidia is a tiny, Matriarchal, Micro-nation located at the confluence of feminism and geography.

Grand Marshal Yagjian's Great Vision for The Ambulatory Free States of Obsidia came in 2015 when it's land claim was 'liberated' from a former lovers' house for a greater purpose.

Obsidia‚Äôs humble territory, a chunk of Obsidian rock (roughly 2 lbs in weight), became the basis for a new nation. Easily transported in its official state briefcase, the nation can change locations at any time. Obsidia can usually be found at the embassy in Oakland, California. Other sovereign soil includes a 29-foot sailboat and dinghy which comprises Obsidia's Navy.

 Obsida has an egalitarian structure and our officials hold no real power. In Obsidia We strive to find alternatives to capitalism and promote self-expression through creative nation building projects. The objectives of the government of Obsidia are to institutionalize feminist/LGBTQ  leadership, and explore concepts for an ideal governance.


     Our "anti-state", is Currently surrounded on all borders by Oakland, California. Obsidia has a completely open immigration policy which allows non-citizens to travel freely to any national territory. 


Due to size limitations and fragility humans can not physically enter the landmass.

If you are interested in establishing a satellite embassy please contact Grand Marshal